Third party apps crashing on MacBook Pro Late 2016

The experience with my MacBook Pro late 2016 have been mostly positive. There is an annoying thing going on with third party apps, including Firefox and KeepassX, crashing. The crashes always report themselves when I unlock my laptop. So I suspect it occurs during sleep or wake of the laptop.

It only happens to non-native third party applications it seems, so my hunch is that is somehow related with GUI libraries in combination with the new graphics chip/driver.

I sent off crash reports to both Apple and Mozilla. Will send a report the the KeepassX developers too today.

For now I will run these applications in an Ubuntu VM.

Small update : the list also includes VLC media player.

Update 24-jan-2017: The latest release of MacOS (10.12.3) seems to have fixed the issue. Make the Mac Great Again!